Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Oracle WebCenter Interaction: Developing a custom login page

One can find some public WebCenter Interaction sites by simply googling "portal/".  In looking at a lot of public sites (and a few that are password protected) is that many don't bother to change the out of the box login UI.

Recently we turned on our adaptive page layouts, and while they aren't required for creating a custom login page, they do make it very simple.  The process involves the following:
  1. modifying the loginpagelayout.html file which is located in \ptimages\imageserver\plumtree\portal\private\pagelayouts
  2. creating a web service to point to the custom loginpagelayout file
  3. enabling adaptive layouts for your guest experience definition and selecting your new loginpagelayout file
That's it!!!

Depending on how customized your existing login page is, you might also have to change the header/footer associated with the guest login, change the experience definition navigation options to portlet-ready navigation and possibly modify the basepagelayout file.

All in all, creating a custom layout is fairly straight forward in this manner.
Creating unique layouts for various sites using the same portal install can be done based on experience rules (URL, User-Agent, IP, Group, etc) and additional login page layouts.  Fortunately I didn't have to do that today, but it looks like it should be another fairly straight-forward change.

What do you think of our new login page?


  1. Simply amazing. This login page looks so nice and is so colorful. I am impressed with the idea that you have shared to customize the login page. I am so excited to know this idea and will soon make out an attractive login page link yours for my website too.
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  2. No sweat! If you need any of the code/layouts feel free to email me and I'll zip it up and send it to you.

  3. Hey Geoff, MOD has come a long way since I first started. Do you mind sending me the layout code? We've completed an upgrade and are looking to kickoff the Adaptive Layout look and feel with something easy like the Login page. Your login page is a very clean design, I would suggest changing the "Log In" button to an image to better compliment your overall theme.

    Clint (

  4. This post describes what I want to do, but I can't reproduce the steps shown in the post.

  5. Hey Clint, I'm just seeing your post now and am sorry for the delay in responding. Do you still need that code? Feel free to email me at

    Where are you having a problem in reproducing it? I'd be happy to help if I can.

  6. Hi How are you

    I nedd your help, I can't reproduce all the steps, I beginner, can you help me?


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